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Examples of Themed Wedding Invitations


Having a themed wedding provides for a unique wedding experience, one that you, your friends and family are sure to never forget. A themed wedding can also offer you a plethora of choices for your decisions, starting with themed wedding invitations. Let’s look at a few examples of themed wedding invitations.

Classic/Traditional Wedding

A classic / traditional wedding can also be viewed as a themed wedding! If you are thinking about going with an older style, you should choose invitations that match that idea. Beautifully scripted fonts on foil paper or cursive fonts on plain white paper stock with a textured border are both good examples of a classically themed wedding. You may also choose from a pink or purple so you can offset the more traditional white.


Everything is blooming roses

Flowers are a quintessential part of any wedding, and many couples choose roses as their wedding flower. Roses, along with calla lilies and daisies are the three most popular flower choices for weddings today. This common choice doesn’t have to be ordinary by any means. You may want to also think about taking your lilies, roses and daisies and putting them on your wedding invitations. Yes, this may be a common theme, but by choosing these beautiful wedding invitations, embossed, embellished or embedded in a beautiful color of card stock paper, they can provide you with the opening to a beauty inspired wedding.

Autumn weddings

Having an autumn wedding offers plenty of choices for themed wedding invitations. With beautiful and rich colors exploding in the fall, you can choose some of these impressive tones to accent your invitations. Colors of gold, dark red, browns and olive greens can offset each other beautifully. Couple these bold colors with seasonal aspects like leaves, trees, pine cones and the great outdoors and you have a beautiful wedding invitation.

Winter weddings

Winter wedding themes offer the unique clean aspect of crisp white coupled with icy blues. Snow, ice and frost may also be beautiful accents to your winter themed wedding invitations.

Your wedding destination

If you are hosting your wedding at a vacation destination, do not be afraid to use the destination as a theme for your invitations. If you are travelling somewhere warm and sunny for your wedding, use sandy beaches, sunshine and oceanic scenes to accent your invitations. Put together invites that provide a sneak peek at the rolling ocean encroaching on a sandy beach with the palm trees blowing in the warm breeze. Invite your guests to have some fun in the sun while celebrating your special day.

Western themes

Are you a western couple? Cowboy and cowgirl meet and ride off in the dusty sunset on a pair of magnificent horses? The couple is fully equipped with cowboy boots and hats. Use this theme in your wedding invitations to invite your friends to a western inspired wedding. Accents such as cowboy boots, cowboy and cowgirl silhouettes, spurs, cowboy hats and more can provide an interesting embellishment for your wedding invitation theme. Horses, corrals and ropes can also be used to accent your western theme.

Love is in the air

Of course, many couples are going to choose love as the underlying theme of their wedding. It makes perfect sense; their love for each other is what makes this wedding possible. Love as a theme does not have to be boring. The first thing most people think of when they think “love” is hearts. Heart themed wedding invitations can range from intricate scripted hearts to chunky pink hearts and everything in between. Hearts with flower petals embossed on a high quality paper stock will give you an interesting love-inspired themed wedding invitation.

Another choice for love-inspired invitations is interlocked rings. While this is common, it is no more ordinary than you are. Use interlocking rings as an accent in a deep shade of purple or blue to offset your other colors. This is where you can really get creative.

Your wedding should be your fairy tale romance, so choose something interesting like horse drawn carriages or a surprising castle for the background of your invitations.

Clip art of couples and wedding parties is also a standard in the wedding invitation industry. However, you can mix this up and make it unique to your own wedding by using your own silhouettes as the background for your invitation.

Make your invitation your own

Regardless of the theme of your wedding, you can create a unique, individual wedding invitation that couples the theme of your wedding with your own personal style. Even if the overall theme of your wedding is love or romance, take your own personal ideas of what this means to you and find an invitation that speaks from the heart. Hearts, flowers, rings, silhouettes and more can all be used to embellish your day.

Choose textures and layers

Even ‘standard’ wedding invitations can be embellished and really ‘pop’ when you add some texture to the paper. You can also try layers of different textures and physical embellishments. Ribbons, rings and paper trimmings can add depth to any wedding invitation.

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