Josh Andrea Wedding

Josh Andrea Wedding

The Amazing Wedding Cake Pictures


Everyone certainly expect their marriage only happens once in a lifetime. Because the reason is, they welcome that day happily and try to prepare all things properly and carefully.

Besides a luxurious and delicious food, weddings success is also determined by the wedding cake and wedding flower. In the beginning, the presence of wedding cake and wedding flower only as a complementary event weddings, but now has become an important part.


Attendance of wedding cake becomes an important part in the wedding ceremony, because it usually had been immortalized and become the center of attention from all the guests present. Besides, the wedding cake also has a decorative function to cheer the wedding ceremony up.

In choosing the wedding cake design should be adjusted with the theme of wedding ceremony, the location of weddings (outdoor or indoor) and the implementation of weddings whether by day or a day.

Wedding cake for the outdoor party required modifications to be adjusted with the atmosphere or nuance of the party such as wedding dress, decorations of the bridal couple sits and cards invitation. In addition, the bride can also be displaying their hobbies to their brides cake, for instance decoration cake with a bride doll pair up riding a scooter who likes riding scooter, this will more effectively humorous.

The high of wedding cake for the outdoors party can also be maximized because of the place of the party is wider than the indoors party. The colors of the wedding cake are usually clearer with decoration of beautiful flowers. But for the evening outdoor party the wedding cake usually shown with the model that is more simple and minimalist.


For indoor party, wedding cake decorations which chosen must be adjusted to the theme or nuance of a party that is made, the capacity of the room, wedding dress, room decor, including the colors that dominated the event from the building where weddings are held. Wedding cake that is selected for the indoor party usually has more gentle and soft colors such as – the color of cream white, pink, light green, brown and light blue. The decoration usually uses flowers and fruits to make it look more beautiful.

By choosing the appropriate and harmonious wedding cake design, the wedding party will make a maximum impression, so that both brides will be happier at the beginning of their new life journey.

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